Mediation ~ Win-win situation

Professional non-judgmental, experienced mediator.

Mediation is a powerful solution for people who do not want to fight each other, and are looking for a more amicable solution to resolve their disputes. In the greater Amersfoort region, you can contact me to assist guide you towards a solution for your conflict.

Mediation services with sincere knowledge, real attention and affordable quality.

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Optimaal Perspectief is a reliable service provider when it comes to an informal and flexible dispute resolution process.

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Mediation ~ Acceptable agreement

Neutrality and impartiality is essential to me as a mediator. It is my duty to exclude any personal opinions and beliefs from the mediation process. I do not decide the outcome, but I help you to understand and focus on the important issues needed to reach a resolution. My focus as a mediator is to be able to to run a balanced process that treats all participants fairly.

My role as a mediator differs from that of an attorney. For example, I am a neutral party who can provide legal information but I will not give legal advice, and I represent both of you. As a mediator I will not go to court and argue for or against any party. What I do is to guide both of you through the resolution process while remaining objective.

I facilitate constructive communication between the both of you. This means, listening, summarizing, and neutralizing. Dealing with emotions and my effective questioning will lead to a settlement/agreement that is acceptable for both of you.

As an experienced mediator you can approach me for conciliation in divorce-mediation and labour dispute mediation. ~ If you want you to know more about me Wie ben ik?

Mediation in Amersfoort

~~ Mediator / neutral party ~~

Cornerstones ~ Process

The success of the process depends upon a number of factors, however a couple of basic conditions must be in place. I will give you more detailed about these so called ‘cornerstones’ during a free intake session.


The confidentiality of the process is protected by the terms of the mediation agreement signed. Confidentiality is crucial to a successful dispute resolution process. You must be assured that you can share sensitive information at the mediation process. All parties should be strictly confidential and should not disclose to third parties, including judges or arbitrators. Any details regarding the progress of the mediation, the positions taken therein by the persons involved in the mediation, proposals made or any information provided orally or in writing, directly or indirectly.

Voluntariness ~ Commitment

The process takes place on the basis of voluntariness of the parties. Each party, as well as the mediator, may put an end to the mediation at any time. A voluntary process means it is optional for both parties and the mediator. Parties should be committed to the mediation process and must consent to participate. As a mediator I must be sure the parties are committed to the mediation process.



High success rate

Looking for an acceptable agreement of your dispute with a high success rate?

Parties need to cooperate and work towards a mutually acceptable agreement of the dispute. Mediations work because you want them to work. Mediation has a high success rate and produces durable results. At least 85% of mediation cases are settled in a acceptable solution for both parties.

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What Clients Say

Super deskundige relatie bemiddelaar. Hele fijne gesprekken en goede handvaten gekregen om te verbeteren. De therapie heeft mijzelf als persoon ook geholpen.

Tineke Krijkamp

Heel erg ontspannen,vertrouwd,eerlijk,en leerzaam,echt een aanrader 👍

Marcel Krijkamp

Het was geen makkelijk proces, maar dank dat je het voor ons beide tot een goed einde hebt weten te brengen!

Esmeralda Kinds

Ik ken Claudia als integer en vindingrijk. Ze kan zich goed inleven in anderen en dat komt duidelijk naar voren in haar onpartijdige houding.

Jose de Bruijn

Wij zijn erg tevreden over de werkwijze die Claudia hanteert tijdens onze mediation sessies.
Zij gaf ons direct een goed en ontspannen gevoel, zij haalt de juiste argumenten naar voren en stelt correcte vragen waar wij niet eerder bij stil hebben gestaan.
Zij leert ons bewuster te zijn van de kracht van (non-verbale)communicatie, dus ook hoe het kan komen dat dit vaak misgaat en helpt ons erbij om oplossingen te bedenken.
Claudia is zeer onpartijdig en ontzettend fijn om mee in gesprek te zijn.

Hendrina Sumter

Claudia is een open en eerlijk persoon en ze heeft verstand van zaken!

Sylvia van Wijngaerde

Een zeer professionele aanpak !
Maar vooral een goed persoonlijk contact gehad.
Staat vrolijk in het leven en deelt dat graag met de mensen om haar heen die dat wensen.
Stelt je op je gemak in de toch al moeilijke beslissing
Zeker een aanrader

MF Keislair

Firstly Claudia’s English is perfect, which was a huge relief! The coaching and mentoring that I received was brilliant and really helped me to find direction and put me on the right path. Claudia is a such a lovely person, it made working with her really easy and I always looked forward to my sessions. Thank you Claudia 🙂

N Young

Prettige persoonlijkheid
En leuk contact

S Glavimans

Prettige gesprekken en goede begeleiding. Open, direct en duidelijk.

J Hartman

Erg vriendelijk, heeft me erg goed geholpen. Super bedankt Claudia!

L Verweij

A very good mediator. She handles the case from start to finish. She takes the matter seriously. Wish there were more people like that.

A Murakowski