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Divorce mediation ~ Advantages of choosing mediation

A good reason for choosing divorce mediation is because both of you want to focus on making decisions together instead of fighting against each other. Every mediation starts with the willingness by both of you to engage with each other and sit around the same table.

In general, divorce mediation for an amicable divorce is a more healthy way for couples to become divorced, instead of battling a solution through court. Actually, proceeding through the court system simply means that one of you will lose while the other one wins.

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Divorce mediation ~ The benefits

It is confidential. Divorce mediation is a confidential process.  There is no public record of what goes on in the mediation sessions. Confidentiality is one of the cornerstone principles of mediation. Confidentiality is at the heart of a mediation session and is critical to a successful resolution. 

Saves money. Arranging the divorce through mediation is much more affordable than hiring a divorce attorney. Mediation costs are 30-40% less then the costs of a traditional divorce. In fact, paying two attorneys is significantly more expensive than paying one mediator. 

Saves time and stress. A divorce or a separation in general is one of the most emotionally, highly stressful and painful events of your life. Divorce mediation is less stressful and a faster process then going to court. Divorce mediation is respectful, honest and transparent which avoids stress. 

In control. With divorce mediation a couple has more control over the process and the outcome. You stay in control because you are not turning the decision-making over to the court. Nothing happens in mediation until each of you agree on the descicions.

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In divorce mediation the mediator will give equal care to both of your needs. No negotiation takes place until each of you is familiar of all relevant information and options. As a divorce mediator I can help you to make the necessary agreements about the children, the parenting plan, the property, pension and partner- and child maintenance.

It is flexible. Divorce mediation is the most flexible of the divorce methods, allowing you to control the timeline of your divorce and the terms of your settlement. Divorce mediation is a relatively informal process that involves a mediated discussion with a neutral mediator in a safe environment.

Mutal satisfaction. Divorce mediation is about reaching a sustainable agreement to your mutual benefit and satisfaction. Divorce mediation is focusing on the future not the past, reaching for a durable settlement agreement and a high level of satisfaction.

More benefits

Best for your children. Divorce mediation is the most child-focused of all divorce options, because it guides the parents through a peaceful discussion process to help them to find a parenting plan together. This allows the parents to focus on a cooperative relationship that meet the childeren’s needs. Children do not like to see conflict between their parents and by showing you are working together, you can set an example and minimize any negative effects. As a mediator I will facilitate the discussion on what is in the best interests of your children. 

Best for you. Perhaps the most important benefit of mediation is the relationship you will have after the divorce. Divorce mediation can set the tone for a better relationship, mediation keeps the lines of communication open.

In the end, couples will likely be on better terms than if you would have spent a year or so battling each other in court.  The negative effects of that are obvious, both for you and your children.

As a trained mediator I facilitate open communication to resolve your differences in a non-adversarial, confidential way.

Are you looking for divorce mediation in the surroundings of Amersfoort? And you want an efficient and fair process, then you have come to the right place.

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Divorce mediation  ~ Negotiated fair process

Getting divorced can be harder than getting married. Because when you are getting married, you have so much love and attention around you, getting divorced can be very isolating.

My role as divorce mediator is to be neutral and unbiased. As a matter of fact, I do represent both parties and not just one of you. In divorce mediation I facilitate the negotiation process which offers you a more peaceful alternative than more traditional divorce negotiations. Since emotions are running high, as your divorce mediator I will guide you through the decision-making process.

Divorce mediation is different from divorces handled by attorneys in court because the two of you are making all the decisions. Of course, the more committed you are to negotiate mutually beneficial terms, the easier it will be to set yourself up for a happier, healthier life after the divorce.

MfN Registered Mediator ~ Netherlands Federation of Mediators

Mediation is an unregulated profession in the Netherlands. Therfore you will need to be careful not to trust your divorce to just any mediator. The complex issues that need to resolved requires expertise.

I am a certified MfN mediator (accredited family mediator) and the MfN register only includes qualified mediators who meet the quality requirements.

As a MfN regstered mediator I do not make decisions or offer legal advice. I serve as facilitator, to help you figure out what’s best for your  situation. My role is to empower a divorcing couple to make their own decisions and agreement. I support and guide you to a peaceful divorce or seperation.   

Mediator divorce ~ Informed consent

As a mediator divorce I provide legal information, I will inform about the legal standards and guidelines regarding the agreements to be made. I provide all the resources, information and support you need for going through your divorce and creating your post-divorce life.

For the legal, fiscal and financial scope I am partnering with some specialists, so you will receive professional and independent advice and the best feasible options.

Experts can play a significant role in your divorce and should be considered if you are in need of certain expert opinions on disputed topics. I am able to offer appropriate experts from which to choose.

Partners and expert that may be helpful:

  • Financial advisers/experts
  • (Forensic) accountants
  • Property appraisers
  • Retirement plan experts
  • Mortgage experts (refinance the house)


In the long run you do not want to find that your divorce settlement is illegally not sustainable and will be declared null. It is your wish to finalize the divorce in a respectful manner and that the agreements that are made are legally binding.

As your divorce mediator I will assist you in making well considered mutually acceptable arrangements, making your divorce as smooth as possible.


Divorce mediation ~ The topics

Mediation is tailored specifically to your situation. The following issues are often discussed in a mediation involving a separation or a divorce.

  • child maintenance
  • partner maintenance
  • division of pension
  • division of property and assets
  • settlement of debts
  • parenting plan for the future care of the children.

I will guide and assist you to make long lasting and acceptable agreements.


Child Maintenance

In the Netherlands child maintenance is determined according to a set formula based on the cost of the children and the income of the parents. Read more about child maintenance.


For an indepent calculation of the child and partner maintenance I use the following software.


Besides a complete divorce process, you can also engage me to help you with drafting and updating a parenting plan. As situations change you may need to adjust your parenting plan over time to reflect the new situation.

I can also make or a (re)calculation of child and partner maintenance.

Divorce mediation ~ Full service process

A marriage or a registrered partnerschip can be ended by divorce mediation. According to the Dutch law, there is just one ground for divorce: irreparable breakdown of the marriage.

Divorcing couples have to make agreements about a number of important topics, including the division of your property, division of pension and if you have children, you will also need to include a parenting plan.

With so many important decisions to make during a difficult period, as a divorce mediator I assist and guide you through the all the phases of the divorce proces, from the first mediation session, negotiation phase, draft divorce settlement, signing the divorce settlement, filing for divorce and the formal dissolution of marriage by court.

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Divorce mediator ~ Single point of contact

The process of divorce is already difficult enough, that is why I am your single point of contact the entire process ~ a “one stop shop” for your divorce or separation.

After successful divorce mediation, a lawyer must apply for the divorce and the petition must be submitted to the court, including the separation agreement and parenting plan.

In case of mediation the laywer can apply divorce for the both parties together. The lawyer can then have the agreements validated in court. In The Netherlands, the Dutch court must process and approve all divorces. The court will confirm the agreements within a couple of weeks.

As a divorce mediator I partner with a divorce lawyer. The benefit for any divorcing couple is that I can help you through the whole process. During the entire process you have one single point of contact and an “one stop shop” for your divorce or separation.

The divorce becomes official by its registration in the civil registry.


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Parenting plan  ~ Your children

After a divorce (separation or end of your civil partnership) both parents retain responsibility for the children. This also applies when a couple ends their registered partnership, provided the man has acknowledged the child. Both parents remain responsible for raising and caring for the children.

According to Dutch law, parents who are getting a divorce are obligated to draw up a parenting plan if you have children under the age of 18.

The parenting plan is a written plan worked out between parents after they separate and it covers the practical issues of parenting. A parenting plan is a comprehensive document that outlines all the details about raising your children after your divorce.

It is a blueprint on how you and the other parent will care for the children, including where they will live and how you will share finances.

As a divorce mediator I can assist you in reaching the best resolution for both of you and your childeren. I can assist you in this stage, helping to determine the key considerations for the welfare of the children.

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Super deskundige relatie bemiddelaar. Hele fijne gesprekken en goede handvaten gekregen om te verbeteren. De therapie heeft mijzelf als persoon ook geholpen.

Tineke Krijkamp

Heel erg ontspannen,vertrouwd,eerlijk,en leerzaam,echt een aanrader 👍

Marcel Krijkamp

Het was geen makkelijk proces, maar dank dat je het voor ons beide tot een goed einde hebt weten te brengen!

Esmeralda Kinds

Ik ken Claudia als integer en vindingrijk. Ze kan zich goed inleven in anderen en dat komt duidelijk naar voren in haar onpartijdige houding.

Jose de Bruijn

Wij zijn erg tevreden over de werkwijze die Claudia hanteert tijdens onze mediation sessies.
Zij gaf ons direct een goed en ontspannen gevoel, zij haalt de juiste argumenten naar voren en stelt correcte vragen waar wij niet eerder bij stil hebben gestaan.
Zij leert ons bewuster te zijn van de kracht van (non-verbale)communicatie, dus ook hoe het kan komen dat dit vaak misgaat en helpt ons erbij om oplossingen te bedenken.
Claudia is zeer onpartijdig en ontzettend fijn om mee in gesprek te zijn.

Hendrina Sumter

Claudia is een open en eerlijk persoon en ze heeft verstand van zaken!

Sylvia van Wijngaerde

Een zeer professionele aanpak !
Maar vooral een goed persoonlijk contact gehad.
Staat vrolijk in het leven en deelt dat graag met de mensen om haar heen die dat wensen.
Stelt je op je gemak in de toch al moeilijke beslissing
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MF Keislair

Firstly Claudia’s English is perfect, which was a huge relief! The coaching and mentoring that I received was brilliant and really helped me to find direction and put me on the right path. Claudia is a such a lovely person, it made working with her really easy and I always looked forward to my sessions. Thank you Claudia 🙂

N Young

Prettige persoonlijkheid
En leuk contact

S Glavimans

Prettige gesprekken en goede begeleiding. Open, direct en duidelijk.

J Hartman

Erg vriendelijk, heeft me erg goed geholpen. Super bedankt Claudia!

L Verweij

A very good mediator. She handles the case from start to finish. She takes the matter seriously. Wish there were more people like that.

A Murakowski